Hortensias Hotel Boutique is the only boutique hotel in Pilar where you can live the unique experience of the city with total comfort and pleasure.

Hortensias Hotel Boutique has a minimalist style with a blend of Italian architecture in tribute to immigrants who had an influence on the society and culture of the city of Pilar, after the war of the 70 in the late 19th century and early 20th century. As part of the infrastructure of the hotel, in the center is set a garden with a fountain of water that conveys a sense of peace and freshness.

An outdoor bar for cocktails, fresh drinks, to enjoy it from the comfort of the garden. We also have swimming pools for adults and one for the enjoyment children with greater security.
Facilities at the hotel like the bistro, restaurant and barbecue, have a system of high definition sound, so in each concert or musical you can enjoy it in its best sound.

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Humaitá Restó

We offer a delicious continental buffet breakfast with delicious typical Paraguayan dishes and fresh bakery from the House.
We have a varied menu with thematic dishes by excellence of its ingredients-based that offers us this rich region of the country.
Humaitá Restó has a capacity for up to 78 people, a fully air-conditioned environment, with large windows that allow natural light penetration, the glow of nature, a space that makes homage to the city of Humaitá.

Don Luis Bistró

The perfect place to enjoy with friends, take a few drinks and enjoy delicious finger food, tapas and more.
Don Luis Bistró has two areas, one fully air-conditioned with a drinks bar and a deck to outdoors and so to enjoy the nature offered by the city of Pilar.


Las Hortensias Hotel Boutique

Miguel Angel Flecha
Zunilda Ibarra
Juliana Jousson
Departamento Comercial
Liz Granada
Front Desk
Karina López
Santiago Velazco
Front Desk
Bianca Lugo
Front Desk
Alejandra García
Front Desk
Aldo Veloso
Rodrigo Santacruz
Ana Romero
Lucía Benítez
Myriam Pérez
María Román
Mariela Olmedo
Lisandry Enciso

Humaitá Restó & Bistró Don Luis

Benjamín Rodríguez
Mirtha Zacarías
Sandra Romero
Graciela Escobar
Emiliano Quiñónez
Richard Mora
Romina Cardozo
Norma Rolón
Esther Candia
Estela Mary González
Rafael Bado


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